Studio Belisama

What's the story behind your name, "Studio Belisama"?

You can read all about the history regarding our name in the blog.

Where/what/who is Studio Belisama? How can I get in touch with you?

Details about Studio Belisama can be found here.




How do I give Actimeter permission to count keystrokes?

You can give Actimeter permission to count keystrokes by enabling its accessibility features. Detailed instructions can be found here.

Is Actimeter compatible with macOS 14 Sonoma?

We have done preliminary testing against Sonoma, and Actimeter seems to be working just fine. A more thorough testing will be done later this year.

Actimeter is a sandboxed 64-bit application and is protected by all of Apple's latest technologies (code-signing, notarizing and hardened runtime).

What is that pie-looking thing in the sidebar?

You mean this?

That's the time counter. It shows you when Actimeter has reached the end of the time period it tracks. When the time is up, the counter disappears.

You can read more about Actimeter's settings (including the time period) here.

How does Actimeter calculate the score value?

You wouldn't ask that nice lady next door for her secret recipe for those delicious pies she makes, now would you? Well, you could, but she probably wouldn't tell you...

Just like that nice lady next door, we also have a secret recipe or formula of our own. Let's just say it has lots of numbers, a few powers and an atan(). And a pi!

Can I buy Actimeter directly from you?

Unfortunately not. Actimeter can only be bought from the Mac App Store. The button below will take you directly to Actimeter's page in Mac App Store.

Can I use Actimeter as medical advice, to f.ex. avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Absolutely not. Although we do take all our products seriously (including Actimeter), Actimeter is supposed to be a fun app, not a replacement for medical experts. If you suspect you're spending too much time at your computer, consult a doctor, not Actimeter. 

Why does Actimeter magnify the cursor when I shake my mouse?

(...while furiously trying to reach that magical score of 100, right?)

Actually, Actimeter has nothing to do with this behavior. This is a feature of macOS, and it's meant to help you locate your mouse cursor in case it gets lost on a large display.

The feature can be turned off in System Preferences > Accessibility > Display > Shake mouse pointer to locate.

Is it possible to reach a score of 100?

We're not sure. Even after several months of heated arguments, our Department of Advanced Mathematics still hasn't reached a conclusion.

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